Recount Text, Definition, Structure, Language Feature dan Contoh

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Recount Text, Definition, Generic Structure, Language Feature dan Contoh - Salah satu yang sering menyita perhatian dan pikiran kita ketika belajar bahasa Inggris adalah memahami teks bacaan. Kali ini kita akan membahas salah satu jenis teks bahasa Inggris tersebut yaitu "recount" atau yang sering dikenal dengan recount text.

Pada materi ini kita akan membahas secara detail mulai dari bagaimana pengertiannya, structure kalimatnya, kaidah bahasa atau language feature dan juga beberapa contoh yang bisa dipelajari. 

Sangat penting bagi kita untuk mengenali lebih dahulu bagaimana seluk beluk recount text tersebut. Dengan begitu kita nantinya bukan hanya dapat membuat atau memproduksi teks tersebut namun juga dapat melakukan analisis atau analisa yang berkaitan dengan kaidah kebahasaaan dari teks tersebut. 
Oh iya, sekedar untuk latihan, pengantar materi ini akan kita buat selang-seling yaitu menggunakan dua bahasa sekaligus yaitu bahasa Inggris dan juga penjelasan dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Dengan begitu selain membiasakan diri dengan bahasa Inggris kita bisa memastikan diri kita memahami dengan baik materi tersebut. 

Functional Text, Recount Texts. Storytelling is something that we often do in everyday life, stories we tell can form thoughts, sad stories, history or anything else. That's why in this article I will discuss about "Functional Text: Recount Texts". Expected to discuss this matter with us that much easier for us to tell something.

1) Definition of Recount (Pengertian dan Definisi)

Apa sih sebenarnya yang dimaksud dengan recount tersebut? Secara sederhana, dapat dikatakan bahwa recount adalah sebuah teks bacaan yang isinya menceritakan kejadian atau pengalaman di masa lalu.

Bisa dikatakan juga bahwa recount ini mirip atau sejenis teks cerita namun yang diambil dari kejadian pengalaman di masa lampau yang sudah dialami sebelumnya. Agar lebih jelas mari kita lihat kutipan definisi berikut!

Recount is a text which retells events or experiences in the past. Its purpose is either to inform or to entertain the audience. There is no complication among the participants and that differentiates from narrative. A recount text has an orientation, a series of events in chronological order, personal remarks on the events, and a reorientation that “rounds off” the sequence of events. 

Dari kutipan penjelasan di atas dapat kita ketahui bahwa di dalam recount ini tidak ada komplikasi dalam ceritanya. Hal ini juga mengindikasikan bahwa recount ini berbeda dengan jenis teks narrative.

Dari penjelasan tersebut dapat diketahui juga bahwa teks ini memiliki ciri khusus atau generic structure sebut saja orientation dan juga reorientation. Selanjutnya mari kita perhatikan penjelasan berikut!

In the text, you will find words and phrases used to start, connect a sentence with the next one, and end your composition. Recount texts tell a series of events and evaluate their significance in some way.

2) Generic Structure of Recount

Generic Structure of Recount
1. Orientation: Introducing the participants, place and time
2. Events: Describing series of event that happened in the past
3. Reorientation: It is optional. Stating personal comment of the writer to the story

3) Language Feature of Recount

Language Feature of Recount
• Introducing personal participant; I, my group, etc
• Using chronological connection; then, first, etc
• Using linking verb; was, were, saw, heard, etc
• Using action verb; look, go, change, etc
• Using simple past tense

4) Social function

To retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining

When writing recounts you should:
  1. Focus on individual people i.e. use the words, I or we 
  2. Use words which indicate when (e.g. after lunch) and where the events took place (e.g. in the shed) 
  3. Write in the past tense e.g. had, visited 
  4. Use action words e.g. helped, crutched. 

5) Examples of recount texts

To understand "recount" easily, I include an example that can be learned. For a while I was just going to give a few examples, but next time I will give more examples to make it complete.

Contoh Recount Text dan Terjemahan

My Day
I had a terrible day yesterday. First, I woke up an hour late because my alarm clock didn't go off. Then, I was in such a hurry that I burned my hand when I was making breakfast. After breakfast, I got dressed so quickly that I forgot to wear socks. 

Next, I ran out of the house trying to get the 9:30 bus, but of course I missed it. I wanted to take a taxi, but I didn't have enough money.

Finally, I walked the three miles to my school only to discover that it was Sunday! I hope I never have a day as the one I had yesterday. (Taken from Ready to Write, 2003)

Our trip to the Blue Mountain

On Friday we went to the Blue Mountains. We stayed at David and Della’s house. It has a big garden with lots of colourful flowers and a tennis court.

On Saturday we saw the Three Sisters and went on the scenic railway. It was scary. Then, Mummy and I went shopping with Della. We went to some antique shops and I tried on some old hats.

On Sunday we went on the Scenic Skyway and it rocked. We saw cockatoos having a shower.

In the afternoon we went home.

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