How To Congratulate Someone (Ucapan Selamat)

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On this occasion, English language materials that will be discussed is about how to congratulate someone. In the discussion we will learn about the "statement of congratulations" and the replies used and also the conversation.

Often in everyday life we would congratulate someone, for example, we will give birthday greetings, happy new year, happy birthday, and so forth. Make it easier to give our congratulations congratulations must understand and reply.

A. Examples of congratulations

Here are a few congratulations examples tobe studied and memorized which are often used in our lives. The words and phrases are already equipped with translation in Indonesian. Below are also some sentences have been prepared to receive a congratulatory reply from someone

Congratulating Statements
  1. Congratulation : Selamat
  2. Happy birthday : Selamat ulang tahun
  3. Happy feast day : Selamat
  4. Happy New Year : Selamat tahun baru
  5. Happy anniversary : Selamat hari jadi
  6. Happy Lebaran’s Day : Selamat hari Lebaran
  7. Merry Christmas : Selamat Natal
  8. Congratulation to you : Selamat buat kamu
  9. Congratulation on you : Selamat untukmu
  10. Congratulation on your married : Selamat atas pernikahanmu
  11. Congratulation on your promotion : Selamat atas kenaikan pangkatmu
  12. Congratulation on your getting new job : Selamat atas pekerjaan barumu
  13. I am happy to hear you success : Saya gembira atas kesuksesan anda
  14. How lucky you are : Betapa beruntungnya kamu

  • Thanks : terima kasih
  • Thank you : terima kasih
  • I am not that good : aku enggak sehebat itu
  • Thank you very much : terima kasih banyak

B. Example Conversation Congratulating

Explore the material on how to give congratulations is not enough just to memorize the words alone, but it would be easier if we could study the examples of the congratulatory conversation. Therefore, it is also an example of a conversation prepared as learning materials.

Mr. Smith : “Hello, Honey. I got a good news for you. Do you want to hear it?”
Mrs. Smith : “Sure, What is it?”
Mr. Smith : “I got a promotion. My boss said that he is going to promote me as the manager soon.”
Mrs. Smith : “Oh dear. What a good news. Congratulation honey! I am so glad to hear that.”
Mrs. Smith : “Thanks baby.”

List of Vocabularies
Congratulate : Memberi selamat
Congratulation : Selamat
Thanks : Terima kasih
Thank you : Terima kasih
Promotion : Kenaikan jabatan

First we must understand a variety of words and phrases that we can use to convey a congratulatory, after that we can also practice conversing with others to accelerate our English.

How To Congratulate Someone (Ucapan Selamat dalam Bahasa Inggris)

Hopefully English language materials for beginners this time can be beneficial and can be used as a source of learning for all of us especially those just learning English.

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