Mastering Present Continuous Tense

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Mastering present continuous tense. The Present Continuous is mainly used to express the idea that something is happening at the moment of speaking. The Present Continuous also describes activities generally in progress (not at the moment). Another use of the tense is to talk about temporary actions or future plans.

The use of present continuous tense

  1. Present actions
  2. Temporary actions
  3. Longer actions in progress
  4. Future (personal) arrangements and plans
  5. Tendencies and trends
  6. Irritation

Examples of present continuous tense

  1. I am reading this book now
  2. It's raining now
  3. Jack is sleeping now
  4. Dewi is working on that task
  5. We were watching a movie on TV
  6. They're playing ball in the yard now
  7. The teacher was explaining the lesson
  8. We are reading a newspaper now
  9. Budi, To'o and Aan is discussing right now
  10. Is Mrs. Wulan cooking in the kitchen ?
  11. Ulis Juwanda, Ajat and Sule are studying their homework at the moment
  12. Mr. Asep is not going to campus
  13. Mr. Noey is writting a letter
  14. Rizal is watching a football match on TV
  15. Do you hear something ? 
  16. My brother is leaving for Campus by motorcycle this afternoon
  17. Are They seeing the Movie tonight ?
  18. He always forgot to bring books
  19. Mr. Tatang was teaching English in campus right now
  20. She is not staying in Bekasi

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