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Contoh Cerita Bahasa Inggris Singkat - Belajar bahasa Inggris bisa dilakukan dengan banyak cara, salah satunya dengan membaca berbagai cerita berbahasa Inggris. Ceritanya sendiri bisa cerita apa saja yang penting adalah bahasanya. Ceritanya bisa cerita dongeng anak, cerita naratif, fabel, cerpen singkat dan berbagai jenis cerita lain. Untuk itulah kali ini kita akan belajar dengan satu buah cerita singkat yang cukup menarik dan menghibur.

Jika dilihat dari panjang pendeknya cerita, cerita bahasa Inggris singkat ini sesuai dengan namanya sangat singkat, hanya terdiri dari 7 paragraf saja. Jadi cerita ini bisa sekali baca langsung selesai dan tidak membutuhkan waktu yang lama. Cerita singkat tersebut berjudul "Lau Kawar", sebuah cerita yang akan kita gunakan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris kita. Sudah penasaran dengan cerita tersebut, mari kita baca langsung cerita selengkapnya di bawah ini.

The Story of Lau Kawar
Cerita Bahasa Inggris Singkat

Once upon a time, there was a very fertile land at the Karo Regency. It was known as the Kawar Village. Its people were mostly farmers, and the land did produce wonderful harvest. It is said that one day the harvest was doubled compared to the previous year. The barns were extremely full with rice. For this reason, the people agreed to have a celebration party. On one beautiful day, all the villagers gathered in a field. They wore beautiful dresses and made delicious food. Everybody was having good times. They were singing, laughing, and of course, eating delicious food.

All of the villagers attended the party except an old woman who was paralyzed. Her son, her daughter-in-law, and her grandson all went to the party. The old woman lay on her bed alone. “I really want to be at the party but I cannot even stand on my feet,” sobbed the old woman. She could only see the merry party from distance. 

The lunch time came and all of the people at the party gathered around the table for the foods that had been prepared. All of them enjoyed the foods happily. Contradictory to what was going on at the party, the old woman was starving in the house. She didn`t eat even a bite since morning. “My goodness, I am so hungry. Why any of my family didn`t come to bring me something to eat?” sighed her with her body shivering for hunger. She forced herself up from the bed and searched for something to eat in the kitchen, but there’s nothing. Her daughter in law did not to cook that day, realizing that foods would be prepared in the feast. The poor old woman came back to her bed. She was so disappointed and sad that her tears dropped. She cried for her poor life.

At the party, the son asked her wife, "Why don't you take some food from the party and give it for my mom. Ask our son to deliver it. “Alright”, said the woman while hurriedly wrapping the foods for the mother. After that, she asked her son to take the foods home for her as her husband told her previously, “My son, please take these foods for your grandmother.”

The old woman was very happy for the foods. Finally, she got something to eat. But her happiness turned into sadness when she saw find only leftovers. It just had little rice and there were only some bones of beef and lamb which were almost without any meat to eat. “What is this!? Do they think I’m an animal? Why did they give me leftovers and bones!” moaned her furiously.

The mother stored complete grilled meat into the package in fact. However, the grandson ate the foods on his way to his grandmother that only bones were left. The old woman didn`t know anything about this that she thought her son and daughter in law did it on purpose. She felt so disappointed and humiliated that she hardly held her tears to fall down. She then prayed to God to curse both her son and daughter in law. “My God, they were sinful to me. I beg You to punish them!” said the woman in her prayer.

Suddenly, there was a very strong earthquake not even a minute when the woman completed her prayer. The sky was turned dark and cloudy, and there was a great thunder followed by heavy rain. All the villagers were so scared. They wanted to save themselves. They tried to find shelters. The village was drowned in a short time and there was not even a single person survived. The drowned village turned into a big crater and flooded by water. The people in the surroundings later on call it Lau Kawar.

---The End---

Apa pesan moral yang terkandung dalam cerita tersebut? Tentu jika kita telah membaca dan memahami isi dari cerita bahasa Inggris singkat tersebut maka kita akan dengan mudah menjawab pertanyaannya. Ya sudah, karena ini merupakan sesi santai jadi kita cukupkan sampai di sini saja. Setelah rehat nanti silahkan lanjut ke beberapa cerita menarik lainnya di bagian bawha.