Tips for Improving Listening Skills Toefl Test

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For my friends who is a hunter scholarship probably already very familiar with the name of the TOEFL ( Test of English as Foreign Language) . Coordinated under the ETS ( ) , TOEFL now it has become absolutely necessary for someone who wants to apply for a scholarship . When compared with his brother IELTS , TOEFL use as one measure of English language ability standard has been recognized and prevalent in almost all countries .

In connection with the TOEFL score , usually each university has a different standard . There are 500 requires enough ( PTN in the country ) , 550 ( standard min value ) , it could be above 580 or 600 , especially for certain programs such as the MBA .

Regardless of how much TOEFL score is required , this includes the actual TOEFL exam tricky to overcome. For most people from some section TOEFL exam , listening is the most severe section . It seems hard to steal the figures in this section , unlike the case with other sections , especially structure and reading . To structure and reading might be anticipated with much to learn and practice , a two -month preparation can be considered sufficient to get a good score this disection . Can we say lah , the more training and preparation , the greater the opportunity to steal numbers.

But what about listening ? seems difficult at all , even though we 've been trying to exercise utmost to these ears willing to listen to the chatter broke out on cassette / CD still wrote hard to get the point . Yet to get a TOEFL score above 600 , the success in this section will determine all. Not only can rely on another section alone ( structure & writing ) . Usually if someone was just relying on structure and reading section ( PBT ) , obtained TOEFL score generally ranges between 550-570 .

Slightly different from the other section , listening skills can not be improved in just a short time . Need stages and processes that gradually until someone was actually able to sort words heard well .

Started listening gradually learned since college is the right way . Besides the tasks that are not only dwell too much on study , concentration and brain absorption is still fresh . Hectic class schedule is also not a problem, we can steal time was 1 or 2 hours a day listening to learn .

Instead of learning the pattern of gradual like this better than the preparation instensif 3 months .

How about listening material ? usually we are hard at all to get enough listening material . Only capital tapes Barron , Cliff or locally published books . Geli also heard some friends who ask this . Whereas on the internet now a lot of media websites that provide listening material that available for download at any time . Gratisss again .

For example, ( ) provide listening material in the form of news that can be downloaded . The amount is a lot of material , the average for any news released by the VOA is displayed in a format other than . Html websites , usually also provided files . Mp3 her that we can download . So we can hear the news while learning English . Klo friends there who are confused by the vocabulary heard , we live check it out at the news transcript .

So dedicatednya : - B , VOA also menyedikan special website for beginners who want to learn english . His name is the VOA Special English ( ) . Here listening news material is provided in a slow tempo may be about 3/4 is slower than the standard conversation . So we can be more focused on trying to sort out the words . For the initial Special English is the right choice , if it is getting used to trying to level up listening listening material news in its own VOANews with standard tempo.

So it's easy ? material terms it can be said there is no problem . Willingness and commitment to stay here , because back again to the beginning of the conversation , listening ability is not improved in a short time . So it takes patience and consistency as well .

Tips for Improving Listening Skills Toefl Test

The BBC also provide listening material in the form of news that can also be downloaded as online source. But because basenya English , pronunciation and vocabulary of course a little different . Possible for friends who want to learn IELTS can be a good source .