Understanding Present Tenses for Beginner

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Understanding Present Tenses for Beginner -  This post will elaborates more deeper about the understanding of present tenses. Here we will find the discussion about present tenses completely. Our elaboration will start with Present Simple, Present Perfect, Present Continuous and will be ended with the discussion of Present Perfect Continuous. The topic of the understanding of present tenses here is aimed to help you who will learn to speak English. This topic is very important, so be prepared to learn!

Present Simple
The Present Simple is the most basic tense in the English language. Generally, we use it to describe the present activities or to talk about routines or habits... (more)

Present Perfect
The Present Perfect is used to express actions that happened at an-indefinite time or that began in the past and continue in the present. This tense is also used when an activity has an effect on the present moment... (more)

Present Continuous
The Present Continuous is mainly used to express the idea that something is happening at the moment of speaking. The Present Continuous also describes activities generally in progress (not at the moment). Another use of the tense is to talk about temporary actions or future plans... (more)

Present Perfect Continuous
The Present Perfect Continuous has a long and scary name. But don't worry! Read on to learn how to use it... (more)